2018/19 RPL Mid-Term Report – Part Three

Russian Football News With the long winter break now having arrived and Russian football set for a three-month hibernation, it is now time to look at the season so far and how it has transpired for each RPL member club. This mid-term report will look at the pre-season expectations for each club based on their squad and summer signings, cross-referencing with last season’s performance and reputation. Then deducing whether or not each club is achieving its pre-season goals so far this … Nhà Cái Trực Tuyến Hàng Đầu Châu Á́́[Read more...]

The Evolution Of Artem Dzyuba

Artem Dzyuba is a  footballer who for much of his career divided opinion and often found himself stuck in controversy. After struggling for a long time to prove himself, he heroically rose to the task on the world's biggest stage. In a fantastical turnaround he is now the nation’s sweetheart and Russia’s captain. Little Dzyuba: Spartak's Problem Child Insects, In Sects Dzyuba Dictionary: Sectarians - Dzyuba has on numerous occasions alleged to the presence of subdivisions (sects) … [Read more...]

Oleg Shatov: Forgotten Talent?

Oleg Shatov grew up quickly, going from a humble background to playing with superstars. For some time his progress was guaranteed by hard work and natural talent, but as time went by he faded from promise to enigma. The Making Of A Big Footballer Shatov was born into an ordinary family and grew up in Nizhny Tagil, neighboured by Yekaterinburg. During his childhood, he was introduced to both football and futsal. It may seem a rarity for a European footballer to have been schooled in … [Read more...]

From Perm to the Petrovskiy Ostrov: Club Ownership in Russia

The new RPL branding set to debote a "new era"? | Russian Football News After an extraordinarily successful World Cup, Russia is settling down to what could be a new norm in terms of the status of the long-popular sport within the country. Behind the smiles, however, disregarded problems may be resurfacing and uncomfortable debates forcing their way through to bite the proverbial party balloons. I believe its worth highlighting the two recent examples of club bankruptcy in Russia. First, … [Read more...]

Alexandr Kokorin and Pavel Mamaev arrested in assault scandal

Kokorin and Mamaev in training for Sbornaya within the last few years | Photo: Eurosport.ru Update [11th Oct, 18:00]:??Day three of proceedings has seen a number of videos and photos of the duo come out, as well as it progressing to the court room. UEFA confirmed they are aware of the incident and are monitoring the story.The Ministry of Internal Affairs officially confirmed the participation of Kokorin and Mamaev in the two assaults.Kokorin's lawyer claimed that Mr Pak provoked … [Read more...]

Aleksandr Golovin – The Pros and Cons of Moving to Monaco

Golovin at his Monaco unveiling | Photo AS Monaco After Russian midfielder Aleksandr Golovin stunned the world with his performances at the World Cup he emerged as a transfer target for Juventus, Chelsea and Monaco - eventually choosing the French side for his big move. Due to an injury, Golovin has yet to debut for Monaco, so before his first game, we look at the pros and cons that could cause him to flourish in the principality or potentially ruin his career. READ MORE:?World Cup 2018 - … [Read more...]

Editorial: Akhmadala & Kadyrov the (Oxy)moron

The Akhmat Arena in Grozny. Akhmat is a name likely alien to regular football spectators across the globe, but in Grozny, the Capital of Chechnya, it is ubiquitous. The religious home of the nation is the Akhmad Haji Kadyrov Mosque, the currently-under-construction Akhmat tower is set to be the tallest building in the Caucasus, the city centre is known as Akhmad Square and local football team is FC Akhmat Grozny. The side themselves play at the Akhmat Arena, are chiefly sponsored by the … [Read more...]

Winners and losers – the World Cup 2018 aftermath

The World Cup 2018 in Russia has certainly attracted a lot of attention even before the start, as a huge and prestigious football event should. After the new champions raised the trophy and received their medals, it came the time for various analysis. The comments were pouring in because everyone seems to have an opinion about something. That is why the tournament aftermath can be examined from different points of view. Photo by Russian Presidential Press and Information … [Read more...]

Sorry doesn’t seem to be the hardest word

‘Sorry seems to be the hardest word’. Or so avid football fan and music icon Elton John suggested in his timeless tune. But even Mr John must concede that there are moments, especially in football, when an apology is laced with a sense of triumph. Now, as I offer my abject apologies to Stanislav Salamovich Cherchesov, my penitence is more than matched by my pride. Pride in Cherchesov’s sublime motivation of an unfancied Russian team, pride in the players that resurrected Russian hopes, and … [Read more...]

Nhà Cái Trực Tuyến Hàng Đầu Châu Á́́Russia’s Unlikely World Cup Heroes

Russia’s progress at the 2018 world cup deserves to be remembered fondly. Given almost no hope, a team of unlikely heroes dared to make their country proud. Expectation Since the collapse of the soviet union, Russia had struggled to make it out from the group stages at almost all major competitions. In the run-up to the world cup, they had managed the feat just once, a decade earlier at the European Championships of 2008: a memorable 3-1 victory over the Netherlands extending their eventual … [Read more...]

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